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There are a number of companies advertising that they can process electronic payments for the cannabis industry. While there are some solutions to consider, all present risk.  Schedule your consultation today to navigate the options.

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About MarijPay

Our Mission

To help separate fact from fiction and provide up to date information regarding payment operations to business owners and decision makers.

Our Vision

Become a top-of-mind payment industry resource for cannabis based businesses and technology platforms of all sizes. 

Our Motivation

Electronic payments rules and regulations for US based cannabis businesses are in a constant state of flux and there is a lot of bad information in the market.

We want to provide business owners and decision makers a resource that enables them to make payment operations decisions based on their specific operating model and product offerings.



Network Solutions

Tailored cannabis payment resources to grow your business.

Fill out our quick form and receive recommendations based on your business needs.

Partner with solutions that grow your business.



Understand online order capture and how to build  sustainable operations your customers can count on.



Learn about best

practice operations and solutions that can help you grow your business.



Maintain meaningful engagement with your customers, communicate order status and engage.

Website Design & Development

Website operations and implementation made easy.

A key component of growing your business is to have a website configured to manage your operations and vendors.

From design to implementation, we can help you get online and increase sales.

Payments Operations for businesses of all sizes.

Regardless of size, it's common for companies to reach a point where the level of payments industry expertise needed to grow the business either exceeds what the company can afford or is beyond current management capabilities.  Our Operations on Demand service fixes both problems.

Operations on Demand

MarijPay's monthly subscription based service provides access to operations and business management expertise without having to hire full-time help.

Multiple options for small businesses.

Growing a business on a budget is hard. We're here to help you navigate operations decisions and vendor negotiations so your business is a clean, mean, profit machine.

Expertise for enterprise needs.

As technology companies and solution providers enter the market, so does the need to add deep payments knowledge to those teams.  Adding a MarijPay resource or project manager to your team can shrink your time to market and vendor evaluations by 40% or more. 

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